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5SOS are a great studio band but they’re a fucking INCREDIBLE live band

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the album is finally out in the USA and i can tell you that waiting for it to be able to download to my tunes was probably the most exciting feeling ive ever experience theres still 45 minutes until midnight here but i got it just even before 11pm and i just really want as much of the 5sosfam to actually purchase the album if you can for the boys and not download it i know some of us can’t afford it but it really would be a way to pay the boys back for what they’ve done to us i remember last year around this time when everyone was joking around with the “soon” joke but “soon” came before we even knew it they grew up right in front of our eyes i love you 5sos and i love you 5sosfam even through all the times recently with the rumors/mobbing/smashing your face into their car/chasing their car/etc… but yeah i really hope their announcement tomorrow is a US tour and fingers crossed that we all get to see our idiots soon enough love you guys sorry i feel sad and happy and excited and upset and everything rn goodnight love you

so… were gonna be uploading the ‘Heartbreak Girl’ video onto our youtube channel in the next hour!! get excited!! :)


Ashton has consistently proven himself to be one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, and selfless guys why do people try to make him into something he’s not

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